press for Portia Krieger's directing projects

Some people have said...

"The three-dimensional world has a willful way of creeping into and subverting the two-dimensional comic strip at the center of “The Tomb of King Tot,” the sweet and spiky new tragicomedy by Olivia Dufault."

Ben Brantley, New York Times

"Under the directorial hand of Portia Krieger, some miraculous happenings are underway."

Benjamin Coleman, Theater is Easy

“Superb direction by Portia Krieger and sincere performances make these characters come alive in a way that is both charming and electric...The expertly crafted staging by Krieger was fantastic.”

Jackie Mulay, CityBeat

"Exquisitely rendered by Portia Krieger's production, the weather-minded Miracle functions atmospherically, establishing a sense of ongoing, endless menace."

Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“Director Portia Krieger has created a play that carries itself with precision and tenderness.”

Adrienne Sower, Reviews Hub

"Barron and her excellent director Portia Krieger have created a production in which for the entire duration of the evening the cast and the audience hang suspended within an impossibly heightened state of intensity."

Sherri Kronfeld, New York Theatre Review

"Portia Krieger directs this rapid-fire dark comedy with fervent energy."

Teddy Nicholas, New York Theatre Review

"Everything about Portia Krieger’s production is polished to a bright sheen."

Jenna Scherer, Time Out New York

"The show is an extravagant, salacious, and titillating ride."

Oscar Lopez, Stage Buddy

“Wrought by director Portia Krieger with a realism that aches...” 

Tobias Wray, Fayetteville Flyer

"Directed smoothly by Portia Krieger..."

Charles Isherwood, New York Times

"Under Portia Krieger’s direction, the fine actors are entertaining to watch"

Alexis Soloski, New York Times